Asset Categories

Examples available upon request.
Our debtors operate in a broad range of industries including but not limited to: investment grade corporates, private and ASX listed corporates, the agricultural sector, healthcare, consumer discretionary, sea container and logistics, insurance, and financial services.
Invoice Financing

  • Commonly used form of finance where the underlying asset is the receivable related to the client’s sale of goods and services on payment terms.  Advance rates vary depending on the credit strength of the client and diversification of the underlying receivables portfolio. Fund exposure always at or below insured amount.
  • Characterised by short term (typically 30-90 days), diversified pool of trade credit insured receivables.
  • Client lending solutions include traditional invoice discounting; invoice factoring and instalment based ‘buy-now pay-later’ B2B programs.

Supplier Financing

  • Finance programs designed around funding payments to trade creditors such as suppliers.
  • Characterised by short term (typically 60-180 days) principal repayment.
  • Commonly applied to fund inventory or take advantage of supplier offered earlier payment discounts.
  • Many of the programs are covered by Trade Credit Insurance.


  • Short term corporate funding arrangements.
  • Typically less than 12 months.
  • Purpose based structured financial solutions supported by physical security.
  • Experienced in-house corporate finance team performing rigorous up-front and on-going due diligence process for each exposure.
  • Fixed and variable repayment options and underlying security arrangements commensurate with client strength, transaction structure, and meeting internal Credit Policy requirements.
  • Physical security taken in all instances, i.e. General Security Arrangement (GSA), registered mortgage, Specific Security Arrangement (SSA), and personal guarantees.

SME Loans

  • SME loans not categorised as either invoice or supplier finance.
  • Smaller average loan size, 10-50k financing future cash flows and factoring EFTPOS receivables.
  • Duration up to 12 months.
  • Rigorous borrower credit assessment utilising national credit scoring databases combined with the Manager’s proprietary asset and liability credit management infrastructure.
  • Typically General Security Arrangement (GSA) in support of the loan.